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Please contact us by writing to us at :  Our retail building has sold. 

The Hanson Gallery & Decorium showcases artisans of Northeast Pennsylvania region.

The owners of The Hanson Gallery have recently renovated, remodeled and restored the building and beautiful store front at 1037 Main Street in Honesdale, PA, thus bringing back the old historic flavor of the past and moving forward with a modern cultural setting for the arts.

The Gallery features multi-media painters, sculptors, woodcarvers, ceramists, photographers, printers, quilters and jewelers. The Decorium is a key source for interior decorators and collectors of antique, vintage and new furniture, framed prints and collectibles.  

There is also a store where artisans can purchase many mediums of art supplies

Please visit our web site often for special events and creative art demonstrations for dates and times. 


                                         VIGNETTE SERIES

Showcasing art and sculpture within "Home Environment Settings.  Come in and discover our amazing collection of Fine Art, Sculpture and Home Decor.  Shop for all your art supply needs at The Hanson Gallery Art Supply Store.  Ask how you can plan an art class for your friends. 


                    THE LIVING ROOM                                           The Hanson Gallery



        The 2013 "4th Annual"                          THE DECORIUM                   THE ART SUPPLY STORE


   Spectacular Ornaments Made

    By Your Favoritie PA Artists!