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Acrylic paint

Acrylics are the most versatile of painting mediums opening the world of painting to a multitude of artists.  Successful acrylic painting can be achieved without the complicated technical problems associated with other media.  Not only can acrylic be adapted to oil and watercolor techniques, it has special characteristics of its own. Acrylic is ready for use directly from the tube or jar and tools are easily cleaned with soap and water.  Acrylic forms a durable elastic film which adheres to most porous materials.  Due to its rapid drying time, layering techniques may be done almost immediately.  Artists have full control over the viscosity, sheen, and transparency.  The adhesive and flexible properties of acrylic offers a wide selection of possible substrates and supports. 

Acrylic color may be applied to any non-oily surface including canvas, paper, board, film, masonry, wood, etc.  (Polymer from the Greek Polymeres, “Having may parts”).  Giant molecules called polymers were discovered early in the 20th century.  Research continued yielding many materials like Celluloid which was made into combs, collar stays and the first flexible photographic film.  In 1890 the first commercially produced synthetic fiber led to the creation of Cardonnet Silk.  The chemistry was the original base for development of industrial acrylic color in the United States in the 1920’s.  Adopted during the “Pop Art” movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s acrylics became a popular artists’ medium. 

Non-porous palettes, such as a sheet of glass, enameled butcher tray or disposable coated sheets are recommended over wood palettes which will absorb water from the color.  Misting with water will keep the color moist on the palette. 

Acrylics may be thinned with gloss or matte mediums to the exact fluidity and sheen preferred. 

The Hanson Studio Store carries the M.Graham & Company Acrylic Paints.  At the heart of the M. Graham line acrylic color lies a unique high-solids pure acrylic emulsion.  Containing 60% solids (instead of the usual 45% found in artists' color), this emulsion has enabled the paint to eliminate dependency upon the artificial thickeners used in artists color.  The result, increased pigment loading for stronger, more intense color and enhanced working properties with the flow and delicacy normally found only in fine gouache.  Our color may be thinned with Gloss Medium & Varnish or Matte Medium to the exact fluidity and sheen preferred.