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The Hanson Studio Store sells a vast assortment of art supplies in all mediums of art for every level of the artist, from the beginner to the professional. 




Pastel is a wonderfully direct and expressive medium, combining the virtues of paint with the handling properties of the drawing media.

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Acrylic used thinly behaves very much like watercolor or gouache, the main difference is that acrylics are not water-soluble when they dry.

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Oil can be applied with a brush or a knife, and is magical in the different ways of mixing colors and achieving different color effects. Oil paints have the great advantage of removing paint and reworking or painting over areas you are not happy with until they look right.  In short, oil paint is one of the most versatile of all the painting mediums.

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Watercolor uses a process of color layering to obtain the quality of light that defines the painting.

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Gouache is like watercolor paint in that gum Arabic is used as the binder and pigments provide the color.  Whereas, the white of the paper provides the light for watercolors, the brilliance of gouache comes from the pigment.  Some brands of gouache use chalk to make the paint opaque and the better brands use more pigment. Gouache is often used by illustrators and textile designers because it has such a velvety smooth surface that  reproduces well.

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Drawing Tools

Drawing tools are essential to the creation of the Artist's vision by using graphite, charcoal pastel, erasers and sharpeners.

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Paint Brushes

To get the best results from your painting, you need to know the different brush shapes and the marks they make.  Flat-ended brushes, known as brights, are best used for covering large areas of paint, while short flats are good for dragging paint across the surface.  Round-ended brushes - filberts - make tapering marks, while round brushes are good for detail.  To apply paint to large areas, or to apply very thick paint, bristle brushes are best.  For a smooth surface or for fine detail, and for applying thin paint such as glazes, soft brushes such as sable should be used.

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Artist Tools

For every medium the best materials and tools you can garner will help perfect your craft. Shop the Studio Store for all your needs and special orders.

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Paper is the main component for drawing and painting of all art mediums.  A variety of papers for multiple mediums are available through The Hanson Studio Store.

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Specialty Materials

The Hanson Studio Store can special order for all your needed specialty materials.

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Children's Craft

Craft and Create with fun children’s craft projects.

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