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Bernard Mangiaracina Painter, Sculptor

Over the past thirty-five years, Bernard has worked in various media creating sculptures, paintings and prints, and it was sculpture that was his primary focus. His concern was not about pushing new materials as much as exploring the expressive power of form. Trying, at first, to create forms whose three dimensional resolution surprised the viewer. The goal was to draw the viewer in and, thereby, demand an interaction between the viewer and the object. This eventually led to a creation of a three-dimensional language unique to the artist.

Since teaching art at the college level, Bernard had access to and was in charge of a complete sculpture facility including a foundry. It was easy for him to explore his ideas in wax and cast the waxes into bronzes. Eventually, he rose in the academic hierarchy which took him away from the studio environment. Bernard continued to work sending his castings out to commercial foundries and translating his ideas into hammered copper sculptures.

Throughout his career, he always worked on paper as a means of investigation into the expressive nature of forms. This led to wax drawings, collages, prints and large scale multimedia investigations of the people around him, which through a symbolic structure told each person's story from the inside out. This now has led to a period of six years in which he has been occupied by the challenges and questions posed by that discipline.

Since graduate school, to alleviate the tightness that occurs form working long periods of time, Bernard often turned to the monotype process which by its very nature limits the artist's control. The inks used directly on a printing plate dry quickly, within three hours, necessitate speed and a directness of intent without a soul-searching approach. This makes the work more gestural and somewhat more ambiguous. The monotypes fall into two categories: those done directly from nature and those done in the studio which are more dependant on expression derived from process. Every work created is filtered through the psyche of the artist, but it is those studio monotypes that most directly reflect the psychological state of the maker.

Artist's Featured Work

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