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Ellen Silberlicht, Painter/Sculptor/Ceramist/Jeweler

Ellen has taken her past explorations in clay and watercolors and married them in her abstracted floral garden pieces. An uncommon garden it is, made of clay, abounding in color...needing no water! She has synthesized the expression of joy and color she finds in painting with the clay forms she has been creating through time. Her pieces stand tall as a single "flower", as well as create a flourishing garden. Ellen is also known as the "bowl lady"...spinning bowls on the potter's wheel as she exposes her "contained" side.

Until recently I have focused my artistic explorations in three dimensions; working in clay, metal, wood, jewelry, fabrics, etc. My current watercolor work is about joy, color, new adventures, and most importantly.... remembering to play. My subject matter is a common one, but how I "see" is not so common. With a stroke of a brush I use vivid colors and paint my subjects large and bold. I splash frisket on my paper before beginning which loosens up my style and also reminds me to play. We just don't do that enough!

Artist's Featured Work

Please visit the Hanson Gallery & Decorium to appreciate the beauty and quality of the work.