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Evgeni Gordiets

EVGENI GORDIETS, Surrealism Oil Painter / Artist.

Evgeni Gordiets was born in Makeevka, Ukraine.  He moved to the USA and was living in Brooklyn, New York, when a friend brought him to NE Pennsylvania for a visit in the early 1990’s.  He was immediately taken with the region, and for the past fifteen years he has resided in Lake Ariel with his wife Natasha.

 Ideas come to Evegeni at any time like meteorites.  He writes down his thoughts and inspirations daily and keeps notebooks that contain a huge list of ideas just waiting to be put to canvas.  Sometimes it is immediate, and sometimes it may take much longer.  It is most important that his creations allow him to relax and almost meditate and this can be seen and felt in the finished product.

He reminds us that everything digital is Pointillism and many of his paintings are Pointillism which he considers a logical step-by-step method to painting.  Just as Picasso would use one stroke to create, Evgeni uses Pointillism to arrive at his goal. 

The Hanson Gallery is proud to present a collection of Evgeni Gordiets work of the last five years. He states that  “Today, for me, life and painting are one.  I have no desire to follow fashion; it has no value to me.  In my art, the sea, the sky, woman and child are subjects of importance, eternity.  I have no passion for politics.  I often use in my work, stone carved forms and water – these are symbols of eternity.  I love sculpture, and I try to unite it with painting.  Women, the symbol of love, mother-hood and eternity, have great importance in my art.  In life, there are some things that last forever; in my work, I communicate this with the sky, water and stones”.

Evgeni creates his art to avoid any sign of contemporary life.  Trying to go beyond particulars and have a timelessness of something that existed 1,000 years before and 1,000 years to come.  Evgeni has been influenced in part by The Crimean coast, which lies on the far side of the Black Sea from Turkey. Stunning mountain scenery, a warm sea and a long season of summer sunshine have made the Crimean coastline the Riviera for Ukrainians and Russians since the time of the tsars. 

Artist's Featured Work

Please visit the Hanson Gallery & Decorium to appreciate the beauty and quality of the work.

White Rock House,  28" x 40"

Sailing Island, 36" x 48"

Stop By The White Rock Island, 36" x 48"


Under The Red Roof, 40" x 52"

 Birds Walking To The Town, 40" x 52"

     Birds With The Seashells, 32" x 44"


      Nature and Golf     20" x 28"

             Old Park  36"  x 48"

      Park By The River, 32" x 44"

                          The Fall

Red Rock Island, 22" x 28"                Green Bay Dream, 22" x 28"


Old Village Island, 28" x 40"

By The Pink House, 36" x 48"

     Evening Bay With Blooming Tree, 30" x 40"                        Soft Sand Beach, 32" x 44"
             Yellow Stone Bay, 18" x 24"                                          Spring Afternoon, 36" x 48"
                  Evening Destination, 24" x 34"                              Garden With Blue Tree, 40" x 52"