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Naomi Teppich, Stone Carver

Naomi works as a stone carver, but also creates ceramic carvings and fires them in an anagama kiln and/or an electric kiln. Her newest series involves various fossils, lichens, and three dimensional organic forms which are called "ancient morphons".  After creating the sculpture she often draws the works from different views and in varied mixed media sometimes pencil, charcoal, metallic crayons, and watercolor.

The stone for Naomi is a symbol of strength, earthiness, and timelessness. She likes to convert this heavy and massive material into soft, sensual shapes. Her technique of carving involves pneumatic as well as electric and hand tools. She carves clay pieces out of thick slabs and continuously refines them with tools and her fingers. The bases often continue the organic flow of motion that she has begun with the rocks.  Naomi is influenced by all types of natural species, but the art produced is not typical in its interpretation of these forms. As a result, her art lends new insights to the fungi organic forms and their ancient qualities. She is concerned about environmental issues and her work focuses on these ideas too, in creating plant and biomorphic forms. Increasingly Naomi is exploring building large sculpture using ferro-cement or ferro-cement and stone combinations for this venue, and enjoys placing many of the sculptures in the outdoor landscape.

Artist's Featured Work

Please visit the Hanson Gallery & Decorium to appreciate the beauty and quality of the work.