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Watercolor Materials List

Natural hair brushes, Kolinsky sable or red sable and Connoisseur synthetic fiber brushes are all good choices.  Purchase the best you can afford, better to have a few very good brushes than many of lesser quality. A few good brushes: A large round, size 8 or larger; a 3/4"-1" flat; a 1&1/2" or 2" flat; a medium round, size 5-7; a Liner, size 3 or 4; and maybe a small round, size 3 or 4.
Arches 140 lb or 350 lb Hot Press or Cold Press. Try different papers and see what you like. Quarter sheets (11" x 15"), (12" x 16" size) ready to use, i.e. soaked, stretched, fastened (stapled) to your watercolor board, and dried. Watercolor blocks also work well. They eliminate the need to soak & stretch, but are more expensive.  12" x 16" is a reasonable size to begin to learn how to soak, stretch and secure paper to board.  An extra piece of w/c paper to use as a touch sheet is often helpful.

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